Petralia Sottana


A night view of Petralia Sottana

Petralia Sottana is a small ancient shepherds’ village of just under one thousand inhabitants.  Lying at approximately one thousand metres above sea-level, in the Madonie mountain range, it  often has a covering of snow during the winter months.  At one-and-a-half hours’ bus-ride from Palermo, it is a place that seduces and fascinates, and whose colour, flavour and perfume will remain in your heart forever.

An incurable romantic, in love with my native Sicily, in 2011, I purchased and restored a second home; this small and fascinating countryman’s home, excavated from the rock in the first years of the last century, was transformed by me into a house-museum, but with every modern amenity, to offer to my guests, so that, like me they may love and appreciate this unique island and its traditional life-style.

Quacella, Parco delle Madonie

The natural teather of Quacella, Parco delle Madonie

Whether you come in the spring, when the meadows are full with flowers, or whether you prefer the cold, snowy winter, your experience of the Madonie mountains will completely enfold you and remain amongst your most beautiful memories.